Century 7 Day Multi-voltage Heavy Duty Electronic Timer

  • Product Code: BND-60/U50(B)
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Technical Parameters:
120-240VAC, 60Hz, 40A Resistive
277VAC, 60Hz, 30A, Resistive
14VDC, 30A, Resistive
120VAC, 1HP, 5A Ballast
208-240VAC, 2HP, 5A Ballast
277VAC, 1HP, 5A Ballast
120VAC, 8.3A, Tungsten
208-277VAC, 5.4A Tungsten
120VAC, 800VA, Pilot Duty
208-277VAC, 720VA, Pilot Duty TV-5
Function Brief:
Wire connection
9 ON/OFF per day
AM/PM display
With changeable LR44(A76) button
background battery
With power and load indicator
With ON/OFF/Timing override switch
With countdown function
Max. 12 hours
Min. Setting time: 1 minute
Max. Setting time: 7 days

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